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Innovation is so good if it draws the ultimate competitive edge Ensure that your proposition meets the market needs and your business Ask For More A treasure lays beneath your talents. It requires culture to extract it Design the transformation of your people to
achieve your organization s long term goals
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The more seamless your service operations the less journey drop offs Deliver continuous and consistent
experiences throughout your customer Lifecyle
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Business Strategy & Foresight

Your business is unique, it has history, and unique why. Thus, your Business strategy should be tailored to your unique business. Our business strategy formula is agile to fit your business uniqueness here is how it goes Insights


We combine qualitative and Quantitative design research to define customer
s needs wants, challenges, desires, pains and aspirations. Moreover, we use analytics and researches to combine market analysis and competitor performance in the market. we forecast the opportunity of your business growth in the future and analyze the ecosystem dimensionally, at the end you gain informative insights to take informed decisions.

Customer Experience

We forecast your customer experience throughout every though point, service
operation to be seamlessly and fully integrated with sales process, wither it is offline or online. We use our insights and create seamless connectivity between your company, partners, sales forces, and suppliers to derive outstanding designed customer experience and decrease the drop offs through our the customer journey. And further, design smooth interactions between customers and your company and ensure they buy again and again and recommend your service

Sales Operation

We design help your company design sales operations with a real time integration with your product and service. We make sure that your product and service catalogue is clearly value articulated. Pricing and availability communicated and buying process is easy designed and informed

Culture Design and transformation

Human behavior is Key, It’s science anthropology. When your company use them at best you can design better employee capabilities that is refreshing and reflecting to your customer experience. And it s mandatory for your business to achieve your long term goals. Here is how we Help

Interview methods

We conduct Interviews with your organization capabilities, we record data, processes, goals and we monitor the workflow from the point of people experiences in this stage, we collect these insights with other organizations and competitors insights to start building the transformation strategy

Designing Culture

In this stage we work together to design how you will shape your organizations rituals, experiences and reflections on your company culture. We help you build new capabilities and customers empathy across your teams, in the way that reflect your brand and business culture in your organizations.


In this stage we state the tactical goals for your company to educate, foster and
embed the developed culture in the way that your talents will adopt and praise, The goal here is to make your talents life easier in your organization. Intrigue their engagement to become natural. And help everyone to adopt easier digital life and learning development Culture Design and transformation

TTL Full Business strategy and

We partner our talons with yours to design your business strategy and recreate your brand proposition in the market. This requires full team integration to work together, your champions that will join the project will shape your company future, reconnect with your customers, create digital, hr., service operation and sales operation transformation. The result will be unique full integrated strategy with your marketing and brand strategies. That is tailored to your company uniqueness.